Buying the best curtain for your Gold Coast home

When chosen after some thought curtains can actually give your room a complete face lift. When it comes to window treatment buying a curtain is

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Factors to consider when choosing house designs in Brisbane

The kind of houses being built is indeed magnificent in terms of the design they portray. Housebuilders are moving away from the traditional house-building techniques

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Buying the best curtain for your Gold Coast home

When chosen after some thought curtains can actually give your room a complete face lift. When it comes to window treatment buying a curtain is often supposed to be a cheaper option. You only need to decide the color and the fabric to match with your furniture. Buying curtains entails a great deal of thought.  However it is best to go for custom made curtains instead of buying ones directly off the shelf.

Tips for purchasing custom made curtains in Gold Coast

One of the most essential things that you have to keep in mind is to choose the fabric of the curtains. The material of a curtains will determine how sturdy and long lasting your curtains would be. You must take care that these shouldn’t be too heavy or too light. The key to choosing the best fabric is to hold the fabric up to a window and pleat it. Pay attention to the drape and see how it falls. In order to find the actual drape of the fabric it is advised to work with at least 2 yards of fabric. It should also be kept in mind that the fabric can fade over time especially if your window receives a great deal of Sunlight. It is better to avoid bright colors and go for something which is subtle.

If you do not want to be bothered about longevity you can choose any sort of colors. Although, the expert advice is to go for something which is neutral because they are less likely to fade and also blend well into the background.

Choosing the material for your custom made curtains

There is a whole lot of variety in materials for curtains. You can choose from linen, Silk or velvet. These are quite durable and have the most beautiful drape. There are certain fabrics which can help keep out the sunlight, like using velvet or suede. These can help block the light and also keep the heat inside the room.

Even if you use some other material you can always have it inserted with thick insulating materials. These are fabrics which are slipped between the lining and the front fabric and also helps improve the lifespan of the curtains. If you do choose to go for silk fabric, make sure that you interline these otherwise silk will rot.

You must also keep in mind the length and the measurement of the curtains. You need to decide how high above the windows would you like to have the curtains. Most people prefer for hanging panels higher than the window to give a sense of height to the room. The usual measurement is to have around 6 inches above the window frame but if you are looking for something more dramatic you can always go higher. When it comes to the width of the curtains it is best to add 4 to 8 inches on both side and double the total number to get a fullness for the curtain.

For elegant curtains that fit your house’s aesthetic, visit Globe Interiors.

Benefits of using custom printed marquees

There are many ways of advertising a business in the world. Technology and science intervention has taken advertisement for a company’s brand to another level. Unlike in the past, there are efficient and cost-effective means of publicising goods and services today. A printed marquee is one such technique.


Custom printed marquees are portable, standalone advertisements that consist of the company’s brand and products or services. They are usually used in events and business forums. They are mainly used because they are visible and it is hard to miss noticing them around.


Advantages of purchasing a custom printed marquee


There are many advantages to a business for using a custom printed marquee, the following are some of the most important, that should make the company look for a custom printed marquee:


  • They are cost-effective m – Printed marquees are cost-effective when compared to other means of advertisements. The structure is easily attainable at an affordable rate. Once the marquee is customised, the business gains a competitive advantage and gets more clients.
  • They are versatile – Custom printed marquees have many uses depending on the occasion. The good thing with the custom printed marquee is that it can explain the business brand better than a salesperson.
  • They attract more potential clients – Custom printed marquees are used in outdoor events and this makes them visible to everyone. This allows those potential clients who had no idea of the business to be informed and may end up approaching the company.
  • Suitable for all outdoor business events – One of the important advantages of a custom printed marquee is that it can be used in any kind of outdoor business events. This allows the business to save on the cost that would be incurred if such events were to be hosted in a conference hall.


Crucial Things to include on the custom printed marquee


If you decide to purchase a custom printed marquee, there are several things that you should include on the marquee to make maximum use of it. The following are some of the most crucial things that need to be added to the marquee to make it most effective


  • Logo – A logo is an essential element and should appear on a suitable angle of the marquee. Some people usually decide to have multiple logo prints on a given part of the marquee. The name of the company is usually written either inside, below, or on the side of the logo.
  • Products/Services – You should also print some of the most common products or services that your company deals with. The image should be of high quality which is visible from far.
  • Company’s colour outlook – Preferably, the whole marquee should be printed in the same colour as that of the company’s main colours. This will help to represent your company outlook anywhere you happen to have the marquee.
  • Short description of products or services – A short description of the products/services that you provide is crucial. It will help the customer to recognise the product/service being portrayed on the marquee.


Custom printed marquees are crucial in matters related to advertisement and publicising and businesses should consider going for a few depending on how many they can purchase without causing strain to the company’s budget. Marquees will help you cut down on the costs of advertising since they reach many people at once without having to pay after.

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Factors to consider when choosing house designs in Brisbane

The kind of houses being built is indeed magnificent in terms of the design they portray. Housebuilders are moving away from the traditional house-building techniques to sophisticated techniques. Moreover, the materials that are currently being used are more robust, resistant, and reusable and are made from resources that are easy to find; some even come from waste products. Technology and science have made it possible to recycle waste materials from different products and create raw building materials. The materials used allow the designers to showcase their skills in different kinds of design.


The availability of technology that allows the invention of different designs has also contributed to the revolution of building designs.


Nowadays, there are plenty of building designs that exist in the world, and choosing the best one can be hectic. Before choosing a building design, you need to be aware of what may or may not work depending on certain factors. The following should be put into great considerations when choosing a building design:


  • Operate within your budget

When selecting a building design, some will be costlier than others, depending on the nature of materials that are required to make them. You should thoroughly plan your budget and ensure that everything is balanced with a clearly defined contingency plan.


  • The topography of your land

You should also consider the nature of your land before choosing a particular type of design because some will not work in certain conditions. For example, it is not suitable to construct a storage building in a hilly area because any slight disturbance on the surface caused by the earthquake could result in fatal damage.


  • The availability of labour

It is one thing to like a particular design, and another to find the right expert to implement your design. Labour should be easily available to reduce travel costs and even monopolistic costs.


  • The availability of materials

The materials that are required to implement your design should be readily available at affordable prices. Besides, you should select materials that are resilient and have a long lifespan.


  • The availability of technology

All the tools and equipment required to build the design of your choice should be readily available to reduce the cost of hiring a rare kind of technology.


  • The experience of the contractor

You should also do a background check on the experience and reputation of the contractor. An excellent contractor has many years of experience with proven records of successful accomplishments in the past years.


How do I get the right contractor to design my house?

To date, many qualified house builders exist, although the degree of experience and accomplishments differ. Some have more capabilities of meeting their clients’ needs while others are average. Many websites can direct you to suitable builders. You should not transact with anyone online unless you are sure that they are genuine because the internet is full of fraudsters who are good at enticing clients.


Choosing from different house designs available requires professionals with high imaginative powers and critical thinking capabilities who can build a house in their minds with just observation from the area where the building is to be built. You only have to provide them with the details of your requirements and let them figure out the rest of the design.




5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Beautiful Garden


Gardening can improve one’s quality of life. And a beautiful garden can do wonders for your well being. Accomplishing new tasks and especially tasks like harvesting vegetables or fruits or growing flowers can make you feel good. If you are thinking of adding an exciting activity to your tough and boring routine, it should definitely be gardening canberra as it is beneficial in numerous ways. This article is designed to give you five reasons why you should have a beautiful garden.

Mood Changer

A beautiful garden can instantly uplift your mood. It gives you such a positive vibe that makes you forget all your worries. And the good part is that gardening is not required in this case just being around a beautiful garden is enough. Flowers and vegetables have a very positive impact on moods, improve our productivity, boost our thinking capacity, and refresh our minds.

Moreover, they will also make you more optimistic about life. Starting your day by spending a little time in your beautiful garden can give you a lot of positive energy for your day and will surely keep you away from all sorts of antidepressants.

Delight to Sight

A beautiful garden is undoubtedly a delight to the sight. It imparts a very soothing effect to your eyes. Flowers and vegetables blossoming around calm all muscles, relieve tension and anxiety, and reduce stress. Furthermore, it is a very pleasing view of the eyes that can also help you fight all sorts of headaches.

Activity for all Age Groups

Gardening is a perfect activity for all age groups. If you have a lot of free time, then you should definitely invest your time in gardening, as it soothes both mind and body. The best part is that it requires no specific age group. You are never too late for gardening. Furthermore, you can do it alone or with your friends or family. Work hard and make a beautiful garden to relax your mind, improve your health and, most importantly, make lots of memories.

Connects to Nature

Gardening and a lush garden brings you closer to nature. It makes you ponder on the beauty of nature that is spread all around. People who spend a lot of time in the garden with flowers, vegetables and greenery are very poetic because they connect their souls, hearts and minds with nature, and that connection is very important for humans. Furthermore, this connection provides inner peace that does not let any anxiety attack you.

Builds Community

A beautiful garden is not only a treat for your eyes, but it also attracts folks living around. And they also tend to stop by your garden to talk or relax for a few minutes. Therefore, it gives great opportunities to start healthy conversations and to connect with different people. This can make your garden a little chit chat spot where you can sit and share information on various topics.

Hence, mentioned above are five reasons why you should have a beautiful garden. And I’m sure that by reading those you’ll definitely know why you need a beautiful garden, and that too very soon as now you are familiar with lots and lots of benefits of a beautiful garden.



If we organize a workspace in our own home, we need that all the details are to our liking and that the environment is harmonious. It is one of the most effective strategies to optimize our tasks and tasks, whether professional or not. We recently removed some of our walls and parts of the ceiling in the basement of our primary home in Cumming, GA (Thanks to PlumbWise for Doing Such a Great Job!), exposing the plumbing and electrical work which had a nice, rustic feel to it.

There will be many decisions that we have to take when it comes to achieving perfect harmony with the environment, but, undoubtedly, the most important will be the one concerning the main table, because this will be the part of the furniture with which we will generally enter more in contact.

It must be spacious

As a main rule, whenever we try to design a workspace, we must flee from the feeling of overwhelming. Therefore, the table we decide must be spacious in all cases.

The computer plus the keyboard and the mouse, various documents and folders, books … Every day will be different, but we need that regardless of the obligations, our table will help us to solve the daily tasks comfortably. Therefore, please ensure that the board is as full as possible.

Psychologically, the sense of order also has a very positive impact on the interior design, and although this depends on us, this type of tables facilitate the work.


As you already know, multifunctionality is a value highly valued in interior decoration, and in the case of work tables, even more, since we can take advantage of it every day, significantly streamlining the performance of our tasks.

In this case, in addition to daily work, the table should facilitate storage. All those designs that include drawers or some shelves in original designs will be well received. This will allow us to work with all the elements related to our task very close and organized in a very harmonious way.

Aesthetics also helps us

First of all, we should feel satisfied with space we have around us during our work hours, something that directly connects with comfort, but also with the factor of beauty.

And we also need a table that at first glance is attractive to us, since subjective perception is crucial for our mood. Therefore, whenever it is in your hand, bet on novel designs and materials that look attractive to us such as marble, wood, and metal. Its mixture can be very enriching.

Also, concerning color, we can introduce many variations, but generally neutral colors are the ones that best set, since they generate an appropriate environment, without causing distractions.


Another trend that you cannot let go unnoticed: its Mexican design. Its objective is to incorporate designs, textures, materials, and colors that bring back the history of our country, but with a very chic touch.

With only four months in the market, Gaia puts this trend on the table.”Mexico was our first choice, and we realized that there was a lack of furniture with a fresh design and affordable prices. Our idea is to show a Mexican design, made by Mexicans. Many talents are not represented commercially; and that’s what we’re looking for, to face the Mexican designer, “says Philippe Cahuzac, founding partner of Gaia Design.

What started as work experience, as the three founding partners (Raffaello Starce and Hassan Yassine also) worked in an online furniture store in Brasil, ended up being a business idea for the local market. “We want to be the favorite platform for Mexicans, the place where they can find any furniture and accessories for the home in a friendly and accessible way.” Today, Gaia has more than 700 100% Mexican products, and by the end of 2015, they expect to give the consumer more than 2,000 online shopping options.

Artisans, designers and the value proposition

According to Philippe Cahuzac, one of the primary objectives of the site is to create user-friendly atmospheres, where you want to optimize the customer experience through an easy-to-use platform where you can find any design and trend, but yes, all done by Mexican designers and artisans.

“We are working with several Mexican designers who have a proposal but have not been able to market it. What we are looking for is to give them space to market their products. “Gaia is also working with Mexican artisans in areas such as Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Pueblo de Bernal, which contribute with different textiles that add a rustic touch to the furniture.



As in fashion, interior design changes year after year, teaching us the trends of the moment regarding furniture, colors, and decoration; everything to transform your house or apartment into the home you have always wanted, placing a bit of your personality, without leaving aside the fashion trends.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone color institute, the trends for this year are around vibrant and very vivid colors and combinations in interiors with rustic furniture, to reflect warmth, nature, to create harmony; and some modern touches to give the chic feel to your home.

But, if you still do not know where to go, here are some recommendations that can guide you.


For Diana Olvera, color expert of the Behr brand, the color palette to choose for this year is divided into four central:

If you want to give life to any room in your house, pastel colors are perfect.

Yellows. Not only will they provide light and experience, but they also provide a modern and warm sense, they also make the rooms look more prominent.

Green or blue-green. If your furniture is in gray or chocolate, the bluish green is a great alternative to give life to space and create movement in places where there is only one color palette, and are sober.

Natural colors. If you want to provide a rustic touch to your home, we recommend combining furniture or copper details with natural range colors, and this will create a rustic but elegant atmosphere.


Regardless of the style, you have decided on your home, and the chic touch must always exist. For this you can choose ‘haute couture’ furniture; designer furniture, which plays with colors, textures, and shapes; It can help you to give a refined style. We recommend buying furniture in vibrant colors such as Mexican pink, lemon yellow, red, etc.


Whether in the stall, on your furniture or in your bed; Playing with incorporating lines, circles or geometric shapes can be the differentiating touch. To do this, we recommend mixing colors such as grape and apricot, red dahlia, blue stone wash, hazelnut and green vineyard. These colors will help you highlight shapes and also create an artistic sense.


Using led track lighting in innovative and unusual ways has come into being currently since you can now place track lighting on walls as well as ceilings. Cable and monorail use has modernized many installations in ways not possible just a few years ago. It’s time to reconsider track lighting.

Older light systems were pretty much limited to a center ceiling fixture and floor lamps. An occasional single hanging light could be found but not frequently. These items have either been totally replaced or added to with contemporary track lighting adding to the localized nature of a modern system.

Having the ability to put your light in exactly the spot you need light is a great advantage. In the past your only choice was to make the light brighter. Locating the light precisely gives you design advantages like color and shading. Moreover, as the light heads become smaller and the lights are giving off more light these advantages are expanding the usefulness even further.

While the new systems have become more narrow in width, they have also become more flexible in the monorail design. Curved tracks are available and these give a lift to creativity as a new pattern is crafted. Ribbon style arrangements can now be made adding to the variety in a design toolbox.

Pre-shaped tracks can be found in metal or even glass configurations for various combinations of ideas. Add hand shaped tracks to this mix and you have a huge variety of ways to satisfy the needs of of your own ideas about the décor of a room or just one area of a room.

Advanced lighting fixtures are particularly useful in a kitchen. Areas where certain work is being done benefit greatly from this style of lighting. In addition, the overall atmosphere of the kitchen can be modified or even changed by artful use of the various track shapes and dimensions. If you have a center island or a dimly lit pantry, track lighting can brighten and emphasize these useful spots. Any remodel should certainly involve track lighting in the planning.

Having the ability to vary the light brightness and location is also a big advantage in the bathroom. Applying make-up, skin treatments and low light relaxing tub baths are a few of the things that can be enhanced by using track lighting in the bathroom. Once again, your own creativity can find additional ways to make the lighting more enjoyable.

Keep in mind that track lighting is not intended to be the only light source in a room. It won’t give enough total light for entire room lighting. Also, when using lights on a wall, it’s a good idea to make the spacing about 2 feet or so, in order to get a good spread of the light effect.

Contemporary track lighting systems can give your rooms quite a variety of looks and add a nice feel to some previously drab and dim areas. Use track lighting, you will be glad you did.