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Harmony in a vintage style

Add something with history in your house. Opting for re-upholstered old chairs for the headboards of the dining room or some old showcase set and a couple of old chairs for the living room or stay can help you to give harmony and that romantic touch that will give warmth of home. For this, we recommend combining colors in shades: parchment cake, Cameo Green, Faded Denim and Dusty Cedar.

Nature inside your home

The eco-chic fashion is on the agenda. This is a very relaxed trend where the aim is to fuse ecology, design, and colors. One of the characteristics that this style has is to use the rustic nature – furniture with natural wood form or barely worked – with iron and metal. You can also choose to recycle furniture and enter the ‘eco’ wave. And if you want to combine textures, we recommend: linen, cotton, silk, and velvet to upholster your furniture.