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Varied cleaning methods offered by carpet cleaning

Households on Hervey Bay opting for professional carpet cleaning, Hervey Bay is usually offered different types of cleaning methods. Often, selecting from one of these cleaning methods could be confusing.

The best way to decide on the right cleaning method your carpet needs is to know more about them. On Hervey Bay, professional carpet cleaning, Hervey Bay typically offers the following methods:

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Method

Using a Bonnet machine best describes the Bonnet carpet cleaning method. The absorbent cotton pad that continuously rotates is used by the machine to clean the carpet. While the machine works similarly to carpet shampooing, it focuses on providing a sort of polishing on the surface of the carpet.

Bonnet cleaning is a kind of light carpet cleaning suitable for commercial properties that need regular cleaning. A cleaning mixture saturating the rotating bonnet provides 1/8 inch deep cleaning to the surface of the carpet. Frequent changes of the bonnet pad are needed to avoid carpet re-soiling.

The bonnet cleaning is neither a wet nor dry carpet cleaning. Pre-spraying the carpet with a cleaning solution before using dry bonnet pads is used by some cleaning companies. Overall, the minimal amount of liquid used in bonnet cleaning helps to provide carpets with a clean and fresh look. Yet, sanitising the carpet is not seen with the bonnet cleaning method.

However, this method is frequently used by hotels so as to avoid disturbance among their visitors as they walk through corridors and rooms.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

Some of the terms used in describing dry carpet cleaning include:

  • Dry powder cleaning
  • Absorbent compound cleaning
  • Dry extraction cleaning

The carpet’s surface is evenly distributed with a dry compound before applying specialised rotating brushes. This method is said to effectively open the fibres of the carpet. The dirt on the carpet’s fibres is drawn out by the compound. Removing the dirt that has attached to the compound material is done by using an industrial vacuum.

Commercial locations prefer this new technique of carpet cleaning. It is because commercial industries don’t like damp carpets after they have been cleaned. Dry carpet cleaning uses a very minimal amount of water as it cleans carpets.

The dry carpet cleaning method is not considered deep carpet cleaning. In many cases, the odours left by the powdered compound trigger allergies. It is also not an eco-friendly carpet cleaning option which has made many organisations seek greener methods of cleaning.

Steam cleaning or the hot water extraction carpet cleaning Method

Steam cleaning is a popular term used for hot water extraction carpet cleaning. It is not only a highly popular method of cleaning for many households but is also preferred by many carpet manufacturers.

It is because the fibres of the carpet are not damaged and residues are rarely left by the steam cleaning method. The first step is by pre-spraying eco-friendly and natural cleaning products to the carpet before it is agitated to further loosen dirt and grime.

The hot extraction begins as soon as the pre-spray has done its work. Water set at very high temperatures is injected into the carpet and simultaneously extracted by a system using high-pressure extraction.

The high temperatures and the good suction provided by the hot water extraction carpet cleaning help to kill mould, dust mites, bacteria, and odour.

Choose carpet cleaning that gets results.


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