Buying the best curtain for your Gold Coast home

When chosen after some thought curtains can actually give your room a complete face lift. When it comes to window treatment buying a curtain is often supposed to be a cheaper option. You only need to decide the color and the fabric to match with your furniture. Buying curtains entails a great deal of thought.  However it is best to go for custom made curtains instead of buying ones directly off the shelf.

Tips for purchasing custom made curtains in Gold Coast

One of the most essential things that you have to keep in mind is to choose the fabric of the curtains. The material of a curtains will determine how sturdy and long lasting your curtains would be. You must take care that these shouldn’t be too heavy or too light. The key to choosing the best fabric is to hold the fabric up to a window and pleat it. Pay attention to the drape and see how it falls. In order to find the actual drape of the fabric it is advised to work with at least 2 yards of fabric. It should also be kept in mind that the fabric can fade over time especially if your window receives a great deal of Sunlight. It is better to avoid bright colors and go for something which is subtle.

If you do not want to be bothered about longevity you can choose any sort of colors. Although, the expert advice is to go for something which is neutral because they are less likely to fade and also blend well into the background.

Choosing the material for your custom made curtains

There is a whole lot of variety in materials for curtains. You can choose from linen, Silk or velvet. These are quite durable and have the most beautiful drape. There are certain fabrics which can help keep out the sunlight, like using velvet or suede. These can help block the light and also keep the heat inside the room.

Even if you use some other material you can always have it inserted with thick insulating materials. These are fabrics which are slipped between the lining and the front fabric and also helps improve the lifespan of the curtains. If you do choose to go for silk fabric, make sure that you interline these otherwise silk will rot.

You must also keep in mind the length and the measurement of the curtains. You need to decide how high above the windows would you like to have the curtains. Most people prefer for hanging panels higher than the window to give a sense of height to the room. The usual measurement is to have around 6 inches above the window frame but if you are looking for something more dramatic you can always go higher. When it comes to the width of the curtains it is best to add 4 to 8 inches on both side and double the total number to get a fullness for the curtain.

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