Benefits of using custom printed marquees

There are many ways of advertising a business in the world. Technology and science intervention has taken advertisement for a company’s brand to another level. Unlike in the past, there are efficient and cost-effective means of publicising goods and services today. A printed marquee is one such technique.


Custom printed marquees are portable, standalone advertisements that consist of the company’s brand and products or services. They are usually used in events and business forums. They are mainly used because they are visible and it is hard to miss noticing them around.


Advantages of purchasing a custom printed marquee


There are many advantages to a business for using a custom printed marquee, the following are some of the most important, that should make the company look for a custom printed marquee:


  • They are cost-effective m – Printed marquees are cost-effective when compared to other means of advertisements. The structure is easily attainable at an affordable rate. Once the marquee is customised, the business gains a competitive advantage and gets more clients.
  • They are versatile – Custom printed marquees have many uses depending on the occasion. The good thing with the custom printed marquee is that it can explain the business brand better than a salesperson.
  • They attract more potential clients – Custom printed marquees are used in outdoor events and this makes them visible to everyone. This allows those potential clients who had no idea of the business to be informed and may end up approaching the company.
  • Suitable for all outdoor business events – One of the important advantages of a custom printed marquee is that it can be used in any kind of outdoor business events. This allows the business to save on the cost that would be incurred if such events were to be hosted in a conference hall.


Crucial Things to include on the custom printed marquee


If you decide to purchase a custom printed marquee, there are several things that you should include on the marquee to make maximum use of it. The following are some of the most crucial things that need to be added to the marquee to make it most effective


  • Logo – A logo is an essential element and should appear on a suitable angle of the marquee. Some people usually decide to have multiple logo prints on a given part of the marquee. The name of the company is usually written either inside, below, or on the side of the logo.
  • Products/Services – You should also print some of the most common products or services that your company deals with. The image should be of high quality which is visible from far.
  • Company’s colour outlook – Preferably, the whole marquee should be printed in the same colour as that of the company’s main colours. This will help to represent your company outlook anywhere you happen to have the marquee.
  • Short description of products or services – A short description of the products/services that you provide is crucial. It will help the customer to recognise the product/service being portrayed on the marquee.


Custom printed marquees are crucial in matters related to advertisement and publicising and businesses should consider going for a few depending on how many they can purchase without causing strain to the company’s budget. Marquees will help you cut down on the costs of advertising since they reach many people at once without having to pay after.

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